AJ Creative Studios

AJ Creative Studios born from the entrepreneur project of Discovering New York City, (www.descbriendonewyork.com); Recognizing the immense need for tourist information for non-English-speaking visitors to NYC, founded Descubriendo NY, an online web and social destination targeting Spanish and Portuguese tourist to NY; We have understood through our experience how it is to be on the other side of the table, and what customers are really looking for when they want to promote their business, (fair, emotions, feelings, questions etc).
We have Surpassed “50th client” milestone, with a client retention rate steady at 95% after 5 years in business.
Launched multiple aggressive targeted recruitment campaigns on Facebook that generated:
• 65,000 incremental followers within the target Spanish Community
• 45,000 incremental followers for the Portuguese
Original video content creation and marketing efforts yielded 90K views on dedicated YouTube channel Actively publishing and engaging audiences on social media channels.
Core business services: website design, online Marketing, video production, social media, corporate identity, branding Supply competitive web design, creative/branding services, and site hosting/e-commerce solutions for small businesses.
AJ Creative has the capability to offer and comprises amazing creative talent that’s been working together for years, developing ideas to help your exposure your business. We are a unique group of designers, writers, engineers, marketers, artist. working together to reach your marketing goals.

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