“An opportunity to improve teaching training in the City of Buenos Aires”

“With the creation of the new university the whole high education system is reorganized coordinating it with already existing institutions.

A very important debate is being carried out in the City (of Buenos Aires). To improve the teachers’ training  is a must and requires highly demanded  priority attention.  The Government of Buenos Aires sent an initiative with a draft law to the legislature. If the creation of a university for teachers, bringing together within it the already existing Tertiary Institutes is the best way to achieve this goal, is at least a contentious issue.

The Government has the possibility of not falling in love with his original idea, to be ready to listen to alternatives and open a road to produce a possible Project. The teachers, the students (future teachers) and specially the union leadership would be able to analyze the proposals on education policies which, with their active participation, could be of benefit to all.

The new university is born as an institution that can meet the challenges of this 21st Century. It doesn’t just incorporate the institutes, they coexist.  It would be a field for education, investigation and teaching: A field for interaction among educators, engineers, technology analysts, sociologists, anthropologists and philosophers; a field to get to know new youth cultures, to immerse in digital culture and in the constantly renovated links between education and the world of work.

The institutes continue with their own tasks and make a commitment to do better through continuous improvement efforts and to try to search for excellence.  Now, we have to be responsible to admit that if there are not enough students, there is no institute.  There is no way to defend the opposite idea.

With the creation of the new university the whole high education system is reorganized, coordinating the existing institutions and the newly created one on the basis of a system of credits. The study plans have a hard core of both compulsory subjects and activities and optional ones. Some of them can be followed in any of the teacher training institutions and in the universities that agree to carry out this proposal. The students will be able to schedule a curriculum partly linked to their specific interests.

The new university will offer distance learning and online courses, activities and subjects including both some of the compulsory in the study plans and also many of the optional. The students will be able to take on-site courses in their institutes and reinforce their learning with the online courses provided by the university.  Through agreements between Argentine and Foreign universities complementary courses can be offered whilst our own production is developed. This is where all the innovatory energy that can be incorporated is really concentrated.

The Government will promote strategies so that the new university and the institutes work together to achieve mutual enrichment. An interesting opportunity opens. Let’s try to make the most of it. Even though the proposal of a sweeping reform is not acceptable, stagnation as an alternative is less acceptable.  There is a political decision to change. The high level of education in the city of Buenos Aires has several and valuable resources. It is important that we be able to organize them and encourage them to face the new challenges. .”



Mario Giannoni
Former Minister of Education in the City of Buenos Aires

Sergio Abrevaya
Legislator in the City of Buenos Aires

Fig.1-Mario Giannoni

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