The story of Replay Golf owned and managed by Rafael and Álvaro Fernandez (father and son) proofs it can. After studying the growing Used and Recycled Golf Ball market in the United States throughout 2008 and 2009 decided to start-up a distribution company for these types of products in Europe. These balls are generally referred to as Lakeballs, since they are used golf balls that have been lost in the golf clubs ponds and surrounding hazards. After their retrieval they are washed, sorted and sold again. With the sufficient volumes they retail for half price as their equivalent new ball and still preserve the performance characteristics therefore their market and popularity keeps growing.


As all beginnings, these two entrepreneurs had to go through a steep learning curve. However they managed to turn a small distribution company to a full and state of the art recycling facility in Olvega, Spain, as the picture portrays. Replay Golf is now in a privileged position. They have developed the most advance recycling technology to use all types of worn out golf balls as their raw material to manufacture new balls with leading performance and characteristics. Their production cost due to the recycling of expensive plastics and rubber offsets the cost of traditional golf ball manufacturing methods and their international expansion and market reputation has already started. For all the golfers out there, keep this brand in mind since it would be one of the disruptive competitors inside the golf market.

Article by: Replay Golf

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