“Facility management and smart buildings: smart data, insights and integration”

“Facility management and the smart building in evolution: the changing reality of smart buildings in an increasingly connected day and age”.

Smart buildings are among the main IoT (Internet of Things) use cases for years to come. Yet, the smart building can take many forms and shapes and smart buildings are not just about technologies, let alone about the IoT.

Moreover, as opposed to what one might imagine in these days where smart often refers to a mix of IoT, advanced analytics, some cognitive computing, a bit of autonomous decisions in buildings and so forth, the smart building is one of the few exceptions and exists since long before IoT and modern-day IT.

Obviously de facto IoT and several IT technologies are essential in smart buildings these days, yet the term smart building, its definition, its many aspects, smart building technologies and standards etc. exist since long before anyone even coined the term Internet of Things. 



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