“How Did COVID-19 Change The Startup Culture?”

“It was Michael Jordan who said: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” This does not only apply to professional basketball. Over the last decade, it has become clear that companies seeking to shape industries and lead innovation need to adopt the collaborative work method.

The advantages are staggering. Collaborative work environments generically foster team building and creative thinking.

Building a sense of community is one of the first steps in creating a more positive company culture. This is particularly important for companies eager to raise the bar, constantly evolve and stay on top.


Up until just a few weeks ago, every startup was implementing this Google-like work culture, where offices have nap pods, video games, joint sitting areas, team activities and collaboration is the key. It not only builds communities but also stimulates efficiency and creativity. It establishes resilience, adaptability, resourcefulness, as well as a deep connection to the company vision.

Omri Tamir and Arnon Sobol, startup executives and cofounders of the ScaleUp NY startups community, both assert that the benefits of this way of working are much greater. They list the 5 startup work culture principles that are put to test in this age of COVID-19:

Collaborative Thinking and Team Creativity:

Working in one space naturally encourages collaboration and brainstorming around complicated ideation processes, whiteboard discussions, for example, when a mix of disciplines are involved or ideas spontaneously come up. These kinds of ongoing discussions that are crucial to great team efforts can be lost when working remotely, and interactions are restricted to more formal, limited and pre-scheduled meetings.

Culture and Company DNA:

Office energy can be powerful. Informal connections are created outside formal meetings, different activities and team traditions are driven by F2F interactions. Those interactions and informal encounters are crucial for employees’ engagement and satisfaction and are rather challenging to achieve when only working remotely.


960x0 (1)                                                   Omri Tamir OMRI TAMIR

Team Spirit

Creating a motivated, dedicated and energized team that is focused and passionate about one shared target is usually easier when there are personal interactions and spent time together. In low points and challenging junctions, team spirit helps managers and leadership overcome major obstacles. In addition, lack of social interaction, the chance to nurture real friendships and personal connection will affect levels of engagement of employees and diminish their overall commitment to the company.

Informal and Unplanned Collaboration:

Many of the greatest ideas and knowledge sharing moments happen organically. It may be over lunch or during a spontaneous ‘’chat beside the cooler.’’ The absence of these important opportunities for informal learning, sharing and collaborating is expected to hamper the way teams solve problems and think together. 960x0 (2)                                                   Arnon Sobol ARNON SOBOL

Team Work:

When teams of more than 2-3 members need to execute complicated tasks, or when a project is driven by multiple sub-tasks and sub-groups, operations are less effective and certainly become more frustrating.

In the post-Corona era, the immediate challenge would be to find the right mix and balance these very different types of work environments. “Perhaps the solution”, they suggest, “is to allow individual contributors to work remotely on a variety of tasks and balance that with a great office environment for teamwork and collaboration that will eventually build the spirit and the DNA of the company. Companies may be pushed to find the right balance between flexibility and efficiency on one hand with engagement and collaboration on the other.” ”

By: Carrie Rubinstein

More information: www.forbes.com


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