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Hi, we’re Julian and Juan, founders of Large Minority. Since 2009 Large Minority has been providing the ultimate in fully arranged Adventure Challenges. We’re perfectly packaged for resale and our events are about as plug and play as adventure travel gets… : )

What are ‘Adventure Challenges’ you ask? Think Amazing-Race style holidays–but without the cameras.

Do you have clients looking for their next thrill? Might we suggest you call on us? We’re perfectly packaged for resale and our events are about as plug and play as adventure travel gets! With year-round departures to Cambodia, Sri Lanka, the Amazon & the Philippines, we have adventure challenges for every type of traveler!


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Julian Carnall ( & Juan Paredes (



#1 – Our trips are life-changing experiences that your clients couldn’t replicate on their own.

#2 – Your clients will form lasting bonds with fellow adventurers from across the globe.

#3 – Our adventures are team-based challenges which will push your clients to the limit.

#4 – We create our own incredible routes and itineraries from scratch.

#5 – Ten percent of your clients entry fees goes straight back to our flagship charity projects.


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Julian Carnall ( & Juan Paredes (

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