Meeting Point Partners Go Global

The communications group becomes part of Go Global Consulting Group to have a worldwide presence; the goal of this partnership is to take advantage of the diversity, cultural, solid, and the international expertises level of its partners.


Gustavo Oviedo, chairman y CEO de Go Global; Jorge Villegas, Meeting Point Director; Marcelo Maglione, GG Senior Partner. MD Latin America and Meeting Point Director.

Meeting Point, is a Communication group lead by Marcelo Paz, Marcelo Maglione and Jorge Villegas; Meeting Point partnered Go Global, a consulting global network; the goal of this partnership is to take advantage of the diversity, cultural, solid, and the international expertises level of its partners.

Go Global is lead by Gustavo Oviedo, who, throughout his career, lived in eleven countries on three continents, he worked for companies such as Schneider Electric and Eastman Kodak and is currently a Dink and Etex member. Go Global offers four practices: go-to-market, talent management, brand management and process improvement.

Marcelo Maglione said “it’s been almost a century since advertising agencies started building international networks to serve global customers and share experiences.

For some decades advertising started suffering, cutting, communications process and incorporating new tools and areas.

Jorge Villegas added ” communication is part of a business process formed by multidisciplinary teams understanding any project problem needed by companies. we believe this is also in crisis”

“Internet nowadays is not only a place to host a website, it is a place to reunite the whole table, creatives, communicator experts, strategist, all members needed it to innovate and not waiting for a break at the end.

Go Global, Gustavo Oviedo Chairman and CEO at Go Global Consulting Group, and Marcelo Maglione GG Senior Partner. MD Latin America are hosting today the event “New business strategies are required for a Globally-connected economy”

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