New Tech in Satellite Communication

In my most recent encounter with my mentor and long time friend, Gustavo Oviedo, we updated each other about our lives, in particular, our professional doing.

As inclined to technology as I have always been, I told Gustavo about my most recent involvement with satellite communication. He immediately replied asking to write something to his “newsletter”, Go Global consulting group.

The story goes like this:

I am currently part of FMC GlobalSat Llc., which is an exclusive global channel for the commercialization of KYMETA solution and technology. We are based in South Florida, we combined a vast array of experience in all matters related to automation, control, and supervision for operating renewable power plants.


KYMETA Corp is a startup that initiated in 2011. With technology based on the use of metamaterials, KYMETA launched a new revolutionary design of satellite antenna.

A flat panel shape, 70cm x 70cm, extremely light around 16kg, low consumption – 17 Watts apx., with no moving parts this new antenna promises to obsolete the iconic dish shape antenna.

The idea was born after careful analysis and interpretation of the current state of the market, an INSATIABLE DEMAND FOR MOBILE DATA. An industry with hungry for more connectivity while on the move and for “virtually inaccessible” regions. By the year 2020, forecasting is 30 Billion devices are to be connected producing an exchange of 49 Exabyte per month of mobile data.

The transformation of the industry is just around the corner, satellite spectrum is being poised for disruption since the moment it can be re-used, as opposes to LTE.Kymeta

The Need for More Coverage and Capacity It’s important to understand that less than 10% of the earth is covered by land-based – or terrestrial – networks, and building out new infrastructure from the ground up would take billions of dollars and decades to implement. Add to this problem the number of connected devices coming into use every day and the future of mobile bandwidth becomes clear: the current path is unsustainable.

This means a vast portion of the planet – think non-metropolitan areas, in the sky, and on the water – would not be connected and will continue to be if we don’t look to alternatives outside of terrestrial networks. The good news is that there is over 5,000 times more satellite spectrum available than terrestrial spectrum. Plus, satellite provides a global footprint to connect things wherever they move.

Among key benefits KYMETA’s mTenna

Broadband expansion up to 100Mbps, global scalability, electronic steering, and software enabling the antenna to acquire and track any satellite from any moving platform. Needless to mention the easy and cost-efficient installation in substations to connect power renewable plants in remote locations with little or none communication infrastructure.

mTenna’s design makes it easier (and faster) to acquire satellite beams and removes clunky, mechanical components from the antenna making it a more streamlined product that can easily be fit on trains, planes, boats and even cars.

What’s even more impressive, KYMETA designed the antennas to be manufactured using pre – existing liquid crystal display (LLCD) manufacturing lines to bring prototypes (and end product) to market quickly and affordably.

It Keeps Your Data Safe

The influx of connected devices creates a paralleled rise of concerns over data privacy. Satellite networks are much more secure than terrestrial networks. This is because satellite connectivity works as a single point-to-point entry solution, whereas terrestrial networks operate on shared radio frequencies.

This means that if someone were to hack a car, they’d be able to infiltrate from different access points, or, in other words, different radio frequencies. With satellite, there is only one channel from which data travels to and from, and is therefore much more difficult to hack

Key markets

LAND: Availability of scalable and easy – to – maintain solutions for global fleets of automobiles. It overcomes the current hurdles with terrestrial connectivity solutions, and will set a new standard for ubiquitous high – speed global connectivity. Remote installations part of critical infrastructure such as: Power houses in mining and/or offshore platforms, wind and solar power generation plants, micro & mini hydro-electrical complex, geothermal plants, etc.

SEA: Low cost maritime terminals can be hand carried on board and self – installed. KYMETA is working with the world’s leading satellite service providers to provide scalable and affordable service plans. There are also higher connection speeds and IP – delivered entertainment content for crew and passengers alike.

AIR: KYMETA’s ultra – low profile antennas give airlines exactly what they are looking for, a light – weight product that doesn’t affect fuel economy that can be installed on various aircraft and remotely piloted vehicles.


So What Does This All Mean?

The only way to attain the connected future we’ve all envisioned is through satellite. It can keep your data secure and help businesses worldwide reduce costs. Satellite connectivity provides ubiquitous, global coverage that serves as the foundation for a truly connected world.

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