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Effective Sales Interactions

Jan Dink Ceo & Founder d!NK, GG Partner “sales process Management and interaction is changing, mobile technology is driven unique content with sales representatives and clients relationship” d!NK provides the sales force with interactive sales tools to engage with customers, to close deals faster and to reduce administration slack.
Engage. Prove. Close. Discover the tools to Engage your customer. Prove your product’s value and Close in any circumstance. More Information

“New business strategies are required for a globally connected economy” 

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Go Global, Gustavo Oviedo Chairman and CEO at Go Global Consulting Group and Marcelo Maglione GG Senior Partner, MD Latin America hosted different events with public and private sectors in Argentina this past March, 2016.
Some of the key topics covered.Smart City, Project Management, Renewable Energy and Talent Management were
Speakers at the different events:
Pablo Palma – Greening Business – Madrid – Guru Smart City
Gabriel Romano – NT Advisors- Buenos Aires – Process expert
Rudy Vidal – Vidal Consulting Group – New York – Loyalty Expert
Jorge Villegas – Meeting Point – Buenos Aires – Brand Management.

Gerald Miller
GG Senior Partner

Training sales management is transforming

Many business leaders have not yet fully shifted from the analog era to a digital era which can impact sales and employee productivity. One key area that illustrates this is the use of videos via mobile devices for prospects, customers, or employees such a sales or service people. An example is video demonstrations of products easily available or via links provided to see them during a sales call or in a store. Sales productivity can increase 15-20% if they get leads that have viewed and researched products, and have a data profile available.

Another example is Service repair can limit unproductive nuisance calls on known top 5 problems where simple videos can show the fix or workaround. When videos are viewed the next important step in analysis of the data on the viewer. Captured data of: Age, sex, time viewed, other sites visited in proximity, time on the site and what was viewed, order rate, and what page or item did they leave from. The digital age can improve productivity if utilized properly. Is your company getting and using digital well?

Rudy Vidal, GG Senior Partner, Chief Global Customer Officer & Founder and Managing Director of Vidal Consulting Group

In his most recent blog shared “5 Ways to Make Growth Less Painful” and ensured that growth strengthen your business does not lead you into trouble.

1. Ensure the health of existing
2. Do the few things that will make the
most difference.
3. Clarify short and mid-term priorities.
4. Cultivate a team of engaged
5. Set up scalable systems.

From e-learning to m-learning

Companies and educational organizations succumb to their advantages.

E-­learning has arrived to stay and to continue growing. Today it is going through its 2.0 web phase, evolving from traditional applications into apps oriented towards the final consumer. In this version, there are spaces of exchange enriched with images, audio, and video. More information

Gudrun Alex
Senior Marketing Professional

The Often Neglected Human Factor in B2B Marketing
AlexCompany has been doing B2B marketing since 1995. The company started at a time when analog was still a super hero and the tsunami of digital information hadn’t hit yet.

Emotion in B2B Marketing.
The truth is online marketing, big data, automated messaging, marketing automation, paid amplification and mobile optimization will continue to be trendy in the coming years. However, our experience with customers shows us that human touch is the key to success.

Understanding the needs of business decision makers and creating messages that leverage emotions will provide a USP.
B2B marketers have to revitalize the power of the human factor in delivering exceptional personalized experiences across all touch points.
We shouldn’t be afraid to use a consumer approach. Consumers are humans and so are our B2B buyers, and more often than you would believe, they use gut-feelings when deciding wether “buy or not to buy.”

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