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GoGlobal World Wide Forum Miami 2016


GoGlobal World Wide Forum Miami 2016, was a success the first week of May in Miami with 38 people from around the world (partners and special guests) met in the sun city for networking, sharing capabilities, best practices, and discover geographies around the world. GoGlobal New Concept in the Consulting Industry.


Discovering Cuba
Discovering Middle East and Africa
Discovering South East Asia


Smart Cities
Energy Management
Environmental – Waste Management and Green Cities
Talent Management
Digital Transformation Impact on Social Media

Government Modernization
Digital content management
and process efficiency

Emotional Intelligence
Mobile Solutions
Pipe Line Management and the Sales Process

Senior Experts in these areas shared and drove the know-how transfer to be applied in
different clients around the world.
Discovering Cuba
Discovering Middle East and Africa
Discovering South East Asia


Discovering Cuba by Fidel Herranz

unnamed (2)

GG Partner who has a large experience in multinational companies), sales and operations with continues growth and execution of strategic plans across the geography of cluster ( CIS countries).
5 years as Commercial director and General Manager in Russia & CIS countries
General management skills and solid Finance acumen – Extensive experience in growing biz in emerging markets. – Expertise at B2B, B2C, B2G sales and marketing operations, realization of promotion strategy.

HR managing discipline, career growth and talent development – Crisis manager – biz optimization, focus on growth. Governmental relations – investment’s projects at federal level.
Strong sales and marketing experience, press events and execution of communication strategy development Strong relation with mass media, and journalists.
During GG 2016 Forum Fidel who was born in Cuba brought to the network great opportunities to target the Cuban Market, this is a part of his speech about what you need to know to have business with Cuba.
“The Advantages of investing in Cuba”

  • Momentum based on the updating of the economic model; new role for foreign investment and preferable conditions in the country.
  • A new solid legal base that provide guaranties and incentives to foreign investment.
  • Legal, social and political stability.
  • A highly qualified personnel.
  • A favorable geographic location.
  • Availability of natural resources.
  • Existence of a special development zone with a modern port for ships with a maximum draft of 17,0 m and state ‐ of – ­the ‐ art technology.
  • Access to maritime transportation by the main international shipping companies.
  • The multilateral and bilateral trade and investment agreements signed by Cuba.

Linkedin/Herranz, Fidel

Monique Watelet
GG Senior Partner.
Chief Talent Management Officer

unnamed (3)

Is a trusted HR advisor with tremendous strength from more than 15 years of proven HR leadership, Talent Management & Development, and HR consulting experience. She is Managing Director and owner of WHR Consulting.
She partners with public and private organizations focusing on aligning culture, leadership and structure, systems and practices with business strategy and objectives.

Unfailing belief inTalent

unnamed (4)

Linkedin / Monique Watelet

Intelligent Infrastructure
Smart Cities turn technology to better connect our communities, improving citizen services, and perhaps most of all, finding more intelligent ways to manage resources.

smartcity-1024x636-1024x474 (1)

Gustavo Oviedo CEO Go Global has been appointing in the Advisory Board Member Sell 2 Brazil

unnamed (1)

The international Consulting firm creates in association with Federation Brazil Marketing and sales Associations. S2B partner with clients from around the world in order to expand their business in a top 10 world largest economy.With the same intensity S2B create networks and opportunities for Brazilians companies that explore global opportunities.

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