Santa-Potius part of the Potius Group providing marketing expansion, consultancy and hosted solutions awarded a major global contract with Bayad Center, the Philippines pioneer, and leader in the Outsourced Payments Collections Industry.

Bayad Center (Bayad), a major Philippine corporation was established in May 1997, developing a portfolio of dependable payment collection services to its corporate partners offering the public a reliable and convenient bills payment collection solutions.

A pioneer Bayad went on to shape and define the outsourced bills collection industry, providing services for utilities, government services, telecommunications. Cable TV, internet, insurance, healthcare, transportation, financial services, arts & entertainment, columbary, memorial park and charities.

With a network of >4000 franchisee and Bayad facilities nationally, Bayad dominates the domestic market, however with 15 million+ Filipino’s working overseas and remitting >US$27billion annually to the Philippines, a major opportunity was presented for further expansion globally.

Having engaged the services of traditional remittance partners with little success, Santa-Potius presented a tailor-made hosted global solution to extend Bayad capabilities internationally.

Santa-Potius developed a custom designed hosted solution meeting the needs of both the domestic and international target markets – the first of its kind on this scale in the Philippines and possibly globally.

The solution provides for a highly secure, online system providing bill payment services to >250 Philippine corporations, extending the reach of those corporations to an ever growing international Filipino community that continue to support their families in the Philippines.

Santa-Potius provided a complete solution comprising a comprehensive market analysis to determine the unqiue characteristis of the target audience, an evaluation and engagement of the target audience to define the optimum go-to-market lines of communication essential to ensure a successful deployment, in addition to the development of the online soluton.

Furthermore, the solution provides critical user analytics, management reporting and flexibility to allow groth of additional services and solutions thereby providing further opportunities for expansion.

CIS Bayd Center is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly-listed Manila Electric Company (MERALCO).  It became the pioneer and leader in the outsourced over-the-counter (OTC) payment collection industry.

Santa-Potius is a limited company part of the Potius Group, providing Market Expansion services across Asia-Pacific and Middle East; e-Commerce; Hosted Solutions; Managed Print Services, Sales Enablement Solutions and Sales and Marketing Consultative Services.


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