The Business World is Changing by Collaboration Gustavo Oviedo

Gustavo Oviedo Chairman & CEO / GO GLOBAL Consulting Group

Emotional intelligence measures self-control ability, relations with society and ecosystem management. While collaborative intelligence is the new economy base; technology and its applications give it more exposure.

Collaborative intelligence measures desire and knowledge to cooperate and ability to create trust, which becomes the dynamic for a whole team. Is considered an expert someone who has the ability to react, build and share.

The chain of value in business is changing at the steps of communities and digital platforms sharing the knowledge and services sales. This involves a shorter distribution channel, more access, and less cost.

Meeting Point, group of entrepreneurs in Argentina sharing space, structure, and knowledge as well as customers. It’s a clear example of Collaborate Intelligence.

This is how business is driven into a new dimension, where public and private sectors should develop and collaborative relationship; private universities and companies in countries like Britain, The United States, Singapore, and China develop this kind of relationship.

The new generation of entrepreneurs around the world understands that businesses benefit when we collaborate and share time, knowledge and technology are the challenges to creating values in the process.

Uber, Airbnb, eBay started years ago. Today all businesses are evaluating to collaborate to create; share to grow, and learn about other cultures to be global.

Technology changes impact on production processes, distribution, and technical services.

B2C, “business to customers” has an impact on direct consumer while B2B, “business to business” will have a stronger impact within the years.

Collaborating intelligence is the key to the economy growth. According to Forbes Magazine, in 2013, the Collaborating intelligence phenomenon reached 3.5 billion and sales growth of 25% annually (study focused on USA and Canada).

As a result of the economy that is measured with new priorities such as: ability to share, to communicate, and to be diverse and global.

The Sharing of the economy includes the creation and distribution of products or services, within time and sharing technologies.

This is the case of Uber who built a successful business where 80% of the drivers work on their free time, letting them have comfort and manage their own schedule. This adds value propositions that benefit the drivers.

It may happen that a government, an institution or an organization create value, exciting capacity available.

In a company brand awareness becomes as important as the product or services.

Applied technology, the human being prepared and curious, broad and diverse the world, are the platform for a growing phenomenon by some of the following models:

Economy Access: Netflix is a clear example of rental where users share interests and improve the cost of watching a movie or series.

Circular Economy: models that allow you to recycle products or materials, changing production processes and distribution of goods.

Collaborative Consumption: it is amazing when consumers, with their behavior, create a market and a way of life. Airbnb income and services space travelers have attracted the hospitality and world’ attention.

Shared Economy: Bla sharing seats on long flights on a given journey, by impacting the cost of it. Economy income: this income allows brand or design costumes for a particular event.

All these examples place in the world of knowledge, intellectual property, research, and development, educate the challenge to reposition and think of new ways to create value. Networking flourishes are not only on social media networks to communicate and create new worlds of interaction, also in the creation of value for a given topic to solve a product to be developed.

Fundamentally the big change is seen in the collaborative experience that knowledge does not only understand what happened but also to experience what will happen in a group, an institution or an ecosystem that reacts to others.
A new era is coming. Prepare to enjoy and experience the challenge and the new the way forward.

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