Understanding the new marketing social media process

It is common to hear that “Social media is a huge free window to the world that every company needs to take advantage of” and compared to television advertisements and other expensive forms of marketing; social media presence is a cheap and effective process to build brand image and popularity.
Indeed Social Media has changed the way people communicate and socialize on the Web. Many small and medium size companies are not taking advantage of this marketing platform the way they really should.
Is it a myth that social media is free? Is business really aware on how to get an impact on social media? Are they encountering too much evolution on every new social platform? Are they trying to use all of them and not really understand which platform will be useful? Is it taking too much time to understand a single platform and when you finally think you get the right path are you getting conversions? Even though social media is much less expensive than traditional media as (tv, newspapers or radio) is that budget being used efficiently? Social media gives you the tools to advertise at an extremely low cost. However, are you really taking the time and creating the campaign to get the call to action to get the ROI? what do we really need to know about social media in order to come alive into the digital age and use this tool to advertise our products or services, building customer loyalty and many other functions? Through my experience with Descubriendo New York (an online web and social destination, targeting Spanish and Portuguese tourists to NY) and after Surpassed “50th client” milestone, with a client retention rate steady at 95% after 5 years in business.
I’ll compare social media advertisement as the big yellow phone pages, this gigantic directory book allowed every single business to be on the white pages, but those who wanted to be in the yellow pages had to pay to be there, it works as regularly advertised the most you paid for the add the bigger this was. Exactly the same thing happens on Social Media, these different platforms give us the options and the tools to build our own and let’s call it customized newspaper, channel, add; however, they won’t distribute our beautiful content unless we pay for distribution, and not only that, we really need to have a team behind the campaign in order to create engagement, a call to action, it’s not just paying for distribution it is understood, what we need to do, how we need to do it and which one is the right
platform for our business.
Once you have defined which platform works better for your business, social media will allow you to get closer to your persona targeting your specific audience base on gender, age, demographics and their taste.
However, you can only write for the right audience if you know who they are and what are they expecting from you, which language to use, how to attract their attention either a picture or a video, how they use the internet, and not only understanding your customers, but also see what your competitors are doing on social media, if we follow them we can really have an idea what they are doing right or not according to their conventions and we can use that in advantage. Here are some steps that will guide you into the social media process.
















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